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KtexInter’s Quality Control Process is as below:

About quality control, we have a strict way as below to avoid any mistake during the bulk producing, that’s our advantage.

1, Before bulk, we will send some color swatches to clients to confirm the color. Then refer the correct color watch to color bulk fabric.

2, After color fabric is finished, we will inspect fabric before it is stocked into warehouse. So if there is any mistake, we can fix it on time.

3, Before start production, a pre-production sample will be made to check all the artwork. So the size error, shape error and sewing error won’t be happened in bulk.

4, When cutting fabric, we will get rid of the flaw fabric right now. So the flaw fabric won’t flow into next steps.

5, During production, we have a QC to do the inline inspection all the time. Any error can be fixed at it occurs.

6, After product is completed, our QC will make 100% inspection to check each product.

7, Then the perfect products will be cartoned in time. So it wont’ be broken again.

QC Progerss of blankets and window curtains
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