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Everyone wants a best price to beat their competitor, so we always are searching real factory. As a trader, only be more competitive than factories can we survive in the market. How we can do?

We have better price than most factories. How?

You may get 50 replies in one day once you post an enquiry on alibaba. It has become common that every one are telling you that they are factories. But their price is very big difference. You find real factories, but you can’t get the real price. Why?

Price is determined by cost control, not by factory

For blankets and window curtains, there are some huge factories. They have more than 50,000 square meters factory, thousands of employees, hundreds of machines, beautiful office building…And it also means lots of loans, many managers, complex process…If you have huge amonut quantity orders, such as Walmart, Target, Sears, you can cooperate with them. Otherwise, it is hardly to get a better price from them.

Load pressure, and big manage cost are the common problems of all factories. That’s why different factories have different price. Do you want to know what kind of factory have the best price?

There is one kind of small-scale factory in China. They are not big, only less than 30 sewing workers. The boss manage them himself. Their order major comes from trader company or other bigger factory. They don’t know english, don’t have a website, don’t have Alibaba or any show. Their workers usually are experienced skilled. So the quality is no problem.

That’s why as a trader company, our price is better than 80% factories you can find on alibaba or show.

How KtexInter to control the quality and shipment?

Through cooperating with home-based factories, we can control our cost at a competitive level. And we know, price makes you growing, quality makes you alive. How we can control our quality?

We have a strict way as below to avoid any mistake during the bulk producing:

1, Before bulk, we will send some color swatches to clients to confirm the color. Then refer the correct color watch to color bulk fabric.

2, After bulk color fabric, we will inspect fabric before it is stocked into warehouse. Any mistake we can fix it in time.

3, Before start production, we will make a pre-production sample to check all artwork. So the size error, shape error or sewing error won’t be happened in bulk.

4, When cutting fabric, we will get rid of the flaw fabric right now. So the flaw fabric won’t flow into next steps.

5, During production, we have a QC to do the inline inspection all the time. She can find any mistakes early time.

6, After complete products, our QC team will make 100% inspection to check each product.

7, Then we put all the goods into export carton and stick it. So it wont’ be broken again.


Below is the process chart:

Blankets and curtains inspection process

Blankets and curtains inspection process

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